To track employee working hours is an essential process. Without having a reliable employee attendance management system, organizations have to face many complications such as payroll errors etc. Employee attendance software is a software which helps in managing the attendance records of all the employees of any organization. In earlier days this process was done by using paper based time sheets in which employees note down their check-in time when they arrive for work and also note down check-out time when they leave. It is a very complicated process because sometimes employees fill these sheets in a hurry and do not mention them properly so it becomes very difficult to guess an exact time period. To resolve this problem there are many softwares. These are known as Employee Attendance Software. This software reduces administrative work, maintains accurate attendance records and also saves time. There are least chances of errors. It is a need of every organization to keep track of the time spent by their employees. It helps to bill clients properly and it also reduces the time spent by HR managers on administrative and attendance management activities.

Attendance management software is used to track employee working hours , login time, departures, breaks and time off. This is managed by automated attendance management systems and biometric devices. Employee attendance software manages employee clocking by various methods such as biometric clocking in terminals, PC based clocking, Desktop readers, Landline clocking, Text alert clocking, Mobile phone clocking, proximity terminals.

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