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“PHP Payroll” is a self-hosted employee payroll & attendance management software. With “PHP Payroll”, The employer can easily manage payslip of his employee’s. PHP Payroll is web based self hosted employee payroll system That means can download PHP Payroll source code and upload in your server.

Features are included:

Attendance Management System
Employee Management System
Holiday Management System
Leave Management System
Payslip Management System
User Management In HRM
Biometric Management System
Factory Production System
Employee Performance Software
Assets Management System
Document Management System
Employee Management System

Important Note:

  • Please read FAQ’s and Documentation before order.
  • If you want any other custom features in the current payroll, Please click here.
  • For security reasons, PHP Payroll is 100% encrypted.
  • Server : PHP Version 7.1-7.4, MySQL, IONCube Version 10, Server Linux or Windows Required.

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PHP Payroll – HR Payroll Software – Employee Attendance System

PHP Payroll is  self hosted employee attendance &  payroll software, You can download PHP Payroll  Source Code and upload in your server.

Employee Management System

In the Employee Management module, an employer can add , edit and delete employees. Employer can add employees personal details, company details, financial details, bank account details and his documents in employee management sections.

  • In personal details, the employer can add more information with his phone number, email address, permanent address and photo.
  • Employer can add employee department, designation, date of joining in company detail section. In financial details section, basic salary and deduction of employees can be added.
  • In the document section, the employer can be add the employees resume file, offer letter, joining letter, contract-assignment and other documents.

Employee management system is a software where all work-related as well as important personal details of an employee is stored and managed through secure method. By using employee management system, you can manage admin activities in an easier and quicker way.

HR Employee Payslip Management

With the help of PHP Payroll System, you can create a pay slip of the employees. To create payslip, you have to click on the create pay slip of under Payroll in PHP Payroll Software. You can also add employees monthly allowance and deduction. You can create pay slip of employee in PDF or HTML form and you can also printout it.

Attendance Management System

Attendance management system, admin can manage his employee attendance. Admin can take attendance

  • Manually.
  • Import from CSV file.
  • From biometric device.
  • Employee can impose attendance through their login panel.

Leave Management System

A leave management system is a software that allows a company to easily and correctly assign, track and grant leave as well as allow for employees to request and track their own leave.

Payroll Management System

A payroll management system is a software that is used to manage all your employee’s financial records in a simple and automated mode. Including employee’s salaries, deductions, other conveyance, net pay, bonuses, and generation of pay-slips.

Holiday Management System

Holiday management system is the module of employee management system. With help of its admin can manage the holiday for their company.

Daily Information Management System

With the help of daily information management system admin can circulate any important information within company.

Performance Management System

Performance management system is the important module in employee management system. Admin can track the performance of every employee.

Manager Login System

Manager login system allows admin to create managers and assign the different-different role.

Department Management System

Admin can make the different-different department for company. By using department management system.

Employee Allowance & Deduction Management System

It helps admin to define and pre-set allowance and deduction methods. Defined Method admin can use during generating payslip.

PayScale Management System

A PayScale management system is a tool that enables your business to handle all your employee’s financial records in a hassle-free, automated fashion. And it allows you to set a PayScale.



PHP Payroll Software Question & Answer.

Please click here to view PHP Payroll faqs.

Product Name: PHP Payroll
SKU: phppayroll
Version: 9.9
Language: PHP 7+ & MySQL.
IonCube: 10+.
Server: Linux or Windows

PHP Payroll System Demo

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