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“PHP Payroll” is based on free Open Source PHP and Codeigniter framework. With “PHP Payroll”, the employer can manage the data of its employee easily. Although you will find many HR Payroll Management Software online, PHP Payroll is the best Online Payroll Management System among them all.

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PHP Payroll – HR Payroll Software

By the way, you will find many Payroll Software online but they are buggy and fraudulent software and “PHP Payroll” is out of session in all of them. In PHP Payroll Management Software, the employer can see his employees attendance as well as his monthly leave, absent and employee present. With “PHP Payroll Software”, the employer can create salary or pay slip of his employee, he can also create it in PDF or HTML form and print it out.

We suggest to all of you that before buying PHP Payroll Management System, check out its demo or video or screenshot and then buy it.

Following are featured functionality of Payroll Management Software :


Employee Management System:

In the Employee Management module, an employer can add , edit and delete employees. Employer can add employees personal details, company details, financial details, bank account details and his documents in employee management sections.

  • In personal details, the employer can add more information with his phone number, email address, permanent address and photo.
  • Employer can add employee department, designation, date of joining in company detail section. In financial details section, basic salary and deduction of employees can be added.
  • In the document section, the employer can be add the employees resume file, offer letter, joining letter, contract-assignment and other documents.
  • In the account login section, the employer can create login details of the employees. Email and password are his login details.


Employee Department Management:

You can create a department in the department section and also define the designation of the employees and assign it to the special department.
payroll software department


Daily Attendance:

Employee attendance is an important part of any company and it is the best thing to digitalise employee attendance. With the help of PHP Payroll, you can easily the attendance of your employees.
You have to select the employee from the department drop down and have to select the date you want to submit his attendance. You can also see the Employee Attendance Report in Attendance Reports Section.


HR Employee Leave Management:

In employee leave management, an administrator can add employee Leave and also with leave management, the administrator can approve and cancel the leave application of the employees. employees can apply for leave applications from their login.

payroll leave management


HR Employee Payslip Management:

With the help of PHP Payroll System, you can create a pay slip of the employees. To create payslip, you have to click on the create pay slip of under Payroll in PHP Payroll Software. You can also add employees monthly allowance and deduction. You can create pay slip of employee in PDF or HTML form and you can also printout it.


HR Employee Holiday Management:

You can add/edit/delete holidays.


HR Payroll Software Configuration:

You can change company brand logo or website URL from the configuration section. You can also add allowance and deduction, set SMTP email in the configuration section.

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PHP Payroll Software Question & Answer.

Yes you can change but you can’t resale it in market place as product.

You can create employees according to your database limit. it may be 1000 or 100000000 – depends upon database size.

Codeigniter is a powerful PHP framework designed for PHP coders who are looking for a simple and elegant toolkit to form full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter is based on object oriented programming (OOP) – have MVC architecture, faster development and high customization features, enhanced security, database abstraction and contains many more advanced features.

You can create employee in employee section in admin.

Yes you can create it in add employee section.

Employee can login in PHP Payroll System. admin can create employee login details in add employee section.

Yes of-course. we have dedicated team and we can do it very reasonable cost.

You can add employee designation under department in admin.

You can add employee “Daily Attendance” under Attendance Section in Admin.

Yes you can. You can do it under payroll in admin. yes it may be pdf or HTML form.

You can add it under setting , configuration section.

You can create user and assign them modules access.


Yes you can use  “SAAS” only as partner with “PHP Payroll”.


Partnership will be 30% – 70% (PHP Payroll 30% and Yours 70%).


“PHP Payroll” Team will take care all new customer setup , technical support and you will be responsible for hosting payment, marketing, sales.

You will pay initial $300 (one time payment) and Hosting Access. we will setup payroll software in given hosting.

Yes brand name will be yours. we will only take care about technical responsibility.

No. if changes will be minor no cost, if major yes it will be chargeable.

End of month.

Siteground, Godaddy, Hostgator, 1and1, Bluehost….

You can pay via paypal. before paying please contact us at

Product Name: PHP Payroll
SKU: phppayroll
Version: 9.2
Language: PHP 5.6+ & MySQL.
Framework: CodeIgniter
Server: Linux or Windows
Documentation: Click here to view php payroll HTML documentation

PHP Payroll Management Software Video

PHP Payroll System Demo

19 reviews for PHP Payroll

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    Awesome Employee Payroll Software

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    Very good Product

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    I enjoyed this Payroll script

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    Very very excellent and amazing software- all features are really good

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    Wonderful Payroll Management Software! Best for My Work

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    Excellent Software! Thank for this script

  7. 4 out of 5

    Most Valuable Payroll Management Script

  8. 5 out of 5

    Great Script! Very Easy To Use. I am Very Happy to Buy it

  9. 5 out of 5

    Very good software. User interface is awesome

  10. 5 out of 5

    Best software for payroll management. Thanks Phppayroll Team

  11. 5 out of 5

    Very good software. User interface is awesome

  12. 5 out of 5

    Great Script. I would highly recommend if you wanted payroll, attendance and employee management software. All features are really good of this script. Thanks phppayroll team

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    Great Script Everything is good

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    Amazing software i am fully satisfied with this script

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    Most excellent and amazing software best for payroll management

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    Really great and best payroll management software GUI is also best

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    Great software. All payroll functions are available within this script. I am very very happy to buy this script. Thanks phppayroll team

  18. 4 out of 5

    Best Software! Everything is best coding, interface and perfomance

  19. 5 out of 5

    Outstanding Software! All features are really good

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