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“PHP Payroll” Is Free Payroll Management Software. With “PHP Payroll”, The Employer Can Easily Manage Payslip  of His employee’s. PHP Payroll Is Free Web Based Self Hosted Employee  Payroll System That’s mean you Can Download Free PHP Payroll Source Code And Upload In Your Server Without Spending Single Penny Amount – Yes Without Spending Single Amount, It’s True – No Hidden Charges.

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Free PHP Payroll – HR Payroll Software

PHP Payroll is Free HR Employee  Payroll System, So you can download PHP Payroll  Source Code and upload in your server.

Employee Management System:

In the Employee Management module, an employer can add , edit and delete employees. Employer can add employees personal details, company details, financial details, bank account details and his documents in employee management sections.

  • In personal details, the employer can add more information with his phone number, email address, permanent address and photo.
  • Employer can add employee department, designation, date of joining in company detail section. In financial details section, basic salary and deduction of employees can be added.
  • In the document section, the employer can be add the employees resume file, offer letter, joining letter, contract-assignment and other documents.

HR Employee Payslip Management:

With the help of PHP Payroll System, you can create a pay slip of the employees. To create payslip, you have to click on the create pay slip of under Payroll in PHP Payroll Software. You can also add employees monthly allowance and deduction. You can create pay slip of employee in PDF or HTML form and you can also printout it.

PHP Payroll Software Question & Answer.

Please click here and follow installation guide.


No.  You Can’t run.

Please contact us with your order number and correct domain details. Due to covid-19 pandemic, our  response  time might be take  15 days.

Yes you can. For taxes change please go settings->Configuration.

Yes you can change. For currency change please go settings->Configuration.

You can create employee in employee section in admin.

You can create employees according to your database limit. it may be 1000 or 100000000 – depends upon database size.

Yes you can. You can do it under payroll in admin. yes it may be pdf or HTML form.

You can add it under setting , configuration section.

You can add employee designation under department in admin.

Yes of-course. we have dedicated team and we can do it very reasonable cost.

Yes you can do it from admin panel.

Product Name: PHP Payroll - Free Version
SKU: phppayroll
Version: 9.4
Language: PHP 7+ & MySQL.
IonCube: 10+.
Server: Linux or Windows

PHP Payroll System Demo

Contact us for additional features or custom modification in PHP Payroll. Our price is very reasonable.

34 reviews for PHP Payroll

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    (verified owner)

    when can i get the source code?

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