Best Free CRM Software

Best Free CRM Software

Best Free CRM Software CRM(Customer Relationship Management) system helps in managing new leads and your existing customers. It enables your company to analyze customer interactions and keep major data throughout the customer life cycle. Whether you are a small firm or a big organization, this software will help you improve business relationships with customers.

Best Free CRM Software Features

Lead Management System

Lead means people who can be our potential customers in the future. Lead management is the process of acquiring and managing leads until they can become new business opportunities.

Opportunity Management system

An opportunity management system is a system that
provides information on sales leads or opportunities, along with other supporting information that would help businesses to get more customers.

Customer Management System

It is all about maintaining good relationships with your past, present and potential customers. It helps the business to get feedback about their services and gain trust.

Appointment Management System

It is the process of helping the client or customers by scheduling their appointments and also to remind them about these through phone calls or messages or emails etc.

File Management System

It is the process of managing files or documents in a way that can be retrieved easily when required with high accuracy. It reduces the time used in search files by making it easy to manage.

Quotation Management System

It is an application that allows companies to create, submit and track quotes for their customer and also provide other services related to quotes and invoices.

Invoice Management System

It is a system used by the companies to keep a track on the bills to be paid and received from their suppliers or customers. This system also helps them to get the printed copies of their invoices.

Expense Management System

This helps the company to manage their expenses. It also helps in analysing the expenses, reduces paperwork, increases efficiency and accuracy of the data. It also reduces the time used in such activities.

Inventory Management System

It is a process where you track your goods through your supply chain until it gets to your customers. This includes the activities from placing orders for raw materials, storing work in progress goods and also selling finished goods.

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User Management System

User management describes the ability for administrators to manage user access to various resources like systems, devices, applications, storage systems, and more. It is right given to the administrators to manage the staff and their access to various applications.

Customer Helpdesk System

It is a process where you interact with your customers and try to help them with the problems they are facing. It can be through various platforms such as e-mail,messages, calls etc.

Accounting Report System

This is the compilation of financial reports of the company. It is based on the balance sheet, profit and loss account and other reports of the company. This gives an outline of total sales, profitability of the firm etc.

GST Tax Management System

GST is known as goods and services tax. This is a system that enables the company to manage GST compliance and for filing invoices. It makes the GST tax filing very easy and efficient.

SMS, Email Notification

It is the process where you provide email notifications to customers informing about the upcoming events, new offers, advertisements that helps to attract the customers. It is an easy and reasonable method to reach a greater population.

CRM Software Security

CRM means customer relationship management. It is a software which is used to secure the activities of the customer. It helps the businesses to focus on their relationship with their customers, suppliers, staff etc.

Best Free CRM Software Download

It is easy to use software with a simple user interface. You can add unlimited leads through the Leads management system, or control your sales through the Opportunity management system. You can ease your workload with the Appointment management system, Files management system, Quota management system, and Invoice billing management system. On top of these, you can also keep track of your expenses and inventory with the help of Expenses management system and Inventory management system. The software also features a user management system. Accounting report system, GST tax management system for all your products and applicable taxes. It also enables you to send SMS and E-mail notifications to the customers with ease and also has a customer help desk system.
Apart from these, CRM  Team can develop additional features or customize existing ones to fulfill your special needs.

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