Attendance and Payroll Software System

Attendance and Payroll Software System

Employee Management System

Attendance and payroll software system provides the automated calculation of employee hire plans including the taxation, variable pay and deductions. This ensures timely prep and payment of employee salaries eliminating errors that could result from manual calculations. It provides full control and security, features well with your business processes and is user friendly.

Attendance and Payroll Management System

Attendance and payroll management system enable you to compensate your employees for time worked. Each payroll system has its own personal purposes, but they also go hand-in-hand.

Importance of Attendance & Payroll Software

Payroll and attendance are necessary things in every company. Attendance and payroll management software is to simply keep the complete details of employee attendance and determine their pay.

Attendance and Payroll Software Download

Attendance and payroll software system are a common features offering with human resource software these days and can help company to best manage their employees hours and productivity. It makes scheduling easy and painless by handling multiple shift patterns, calculating overtime, and monitoring absence.


Open source attendance and payroll system make it very easy and user-friendly to extract the data and translate it to a form that will be usable by payroll management software or a payroll management company. It comes with a complete set of reports that can be generated with a one click.

PHP attendance and payroll software gather employee attendance records in real-time and payroll integration automatically. It eliminates manual interference and proves more efficient resulting in accurate payroll processing. With our attendance and payroll software you can retrieve accurate data for payroll processing.


Online payroll management software offer an employee self-service portal for employee to monitor all their attendance and leave options. It also generates taxes provident fund report of employee for each month as well as for all the employees. This payroll software automatically generates payslip with each employees net pay including all their gross salary, deductions, allowances and taxes.

Small business attendance management system can be important for organizations who have exempt employees whose pay comes from multiple departments or your company requirements to track time based on billable hours for customer projects. This software can help your accounting department manage withholdings, and many can tie directly.

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