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“PHP Payroll” is 100% php based Payroll Management Software. “PHP Payroll” project is aimed at how the companies can improve the efficiency of the HR Services. Payroll Management System is to provide an option to generate the salary automatically every month. “PHP Payroll” Software also equipped with to enter the attendance of each employee in the organization, It help them to track each Employee Attendance, Leave based on this HR can generate the salary.

What is PHP Payroll ?

Free Employee Attendance & Payroll Software System

PHP Payroll is free self hosted employee attendance &  payroll management software that means you can download free payroll software source code  and upload in your server without any fee to you. Our HR Payroll service is built in a way that makes it very secure, all information remains on your server, using a security key that only you know.

Why PHP Payroll ?

Free Online Employee Payroll Software

PHP Payroll is a highly customizable software that offers excellent flexibility for your HR Payroll requirements. This is a self hosted software that means your information is secured on your server giving you total control and peace of mind that your information is secure. Our team of developers can make the software specific to your company or industry for minimal cost.

PHP Payroll is designed as a multi country payroll & employee attendance system from the start, PHP Payroll is already translated into 4 key languages. You don’t need to pay extra to use them, and you don’t need to ask us to deploy them for you. To see their local language, all your employees need to do is go to their personal settings in PHP Payroll, and select the language option that’s right for them. If you want to php payroll in your local language, please contact us we will do it free.

PHP Payroll 9.4 Demo Video - Employee Attendance & Payroll Software

Online Payroll Software

Payroll Script - Admin Section

PHP Payroll Script has a very good admin section from where Company Owner  can easily add/edit Managers, Employees and Pages.

Payroll Script - Employee

Employee can login and view their payout, they can also create ticket if they have any issue.

HR Software - Payslip Management

HR Manager can manage employee payslip online.

Payroll Script - Leave and Reports

From Payroll Management Software admin and manager can create leave, manage leave and easily generate reports.


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Payroll Software - Employee Payroll Script

“PHP Payroll” is web based Payroll Management Software based on opensource language PHP & MySQL. “PHP Payroll” is very easy, user friendly, technologically advanced system based software. “PHP Payroll” provides you an integrated approach for Payroll and HR management activities. Good Payroll Management Script does more than just calculate wages and print payslips. It give you to gather information on your employment costs and to keep track of individual management guy. One of the strengths of the best “Payroll Management Software” is to host in your own server.

“PHP Payroll” is Flexible to create multi-company payrolls with unlimited number of increments, Calculate taxes, Medical & tax credits, Expenses, Increments and arrears, Generate Pay Slip at the convenience of a mouse click, Generate and manage the payroll processes according to the salary structure assigned to the employee.

“PHP Payroll” is very simple, flexible and user – friendly management software. That takes care of all your requirements relating to accounting and management of employees payroll. “PHP Payroll” save complete data of the employees, Generates salary slips and attendance of employee, Computes all allowances and deductions of employee and generates all statutory reports. Payroll is salary processing software with good and wide – industry range of cutomers. “PHP Payroll” offers systems include flexible designs that feature databases that are integrated with a wide range of features available. To ensure things run smoothly, Your payroll team must have the tools to process payroll accurately and on-time every pay day.

Employee HR Payroll Script - Quick Contact

Employee Payroll Script - Online Employee Payroll Software

With “PHP Payroll” Online Payroll Software, submitting company employee payroll information is as easy as ever. Since it is compatible with almost all time clock systems, “Payroll Script” is a great fit for business of all sizes.

Our web based software (PHP Payroll Software)  now offers HR Payroll Software with employee self service! Your company employees will be able to print out past paychecks and even without needing to take your valuable time or from your office members. Payroll administration has never been this easy!



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