Biometric Device for Employee Attendance Software

Biometric Device for Employee Attendance Software

Biometric Device for Employee Attendance Software

A biometric attendance machine is a device that is used to verify the identity of a person. The characteristics used to identify a person include fingerprints, voice patterns, iris, face recognition, and hand measurements.

Biometric time and attendance systems use the fingerprints of employees to verify who is clocking in and clocking out of work each day. The system scans the finger of the employee, coordinates are determined and then the system maps the endpoints and intersections of the fingerprint.

Key Features of Biometric Device for Employee Attendance Software:

• Access Control
• User Capacity
• Connectivity
• Identification Time
• Durability and Ruggedness

Biometrics has quickly become a popular way to track time attendance for companies across the world. The technology adds security to the time tracking software and prevents employees from stealing company time, by punching fellow employees in or out, for example.

A biometric attendance machine captures your unique biological/physical feature such as your hand or finger print, iris pattern, and sometimes even your voice as a record for identity verification and allows you to perform something that you are authorized to do.

Biometric time attendance machines also count employees’ work schedules, like which employee did what, and at what time did he do it, etc. A biometric attendance system is a fool proof technology to ensure the accuracy of attendance and is useful to the ones who deal with a large number of employees.

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