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PHP Payroll software is a specialized solution that streamlines all processes related to making payments to employees. It automates repetitive tasks, provides real-time data, and helps in calculations. Our hr management software keeps track of your employee hours, shift, review their work, documents , production, rating  and see when they clock in and clock out.

Employee Attendance & Payroll Software Features

Payroll Management System

A payroll management system is used to manage all your employee’s financial data in a smooth and automated fashion. This payroll management system is used for managing employee’s salary, and their deduction from salary, bonuses and generate their payslips, etc. Payroll management system pays according to employee’s attendance and their work in the organization. It is calculated in multiple ways. It helps in producing employee’s paycheques and their tax reports routinely. Here you can generate PayScale, Monthly based payslip, Weekly payslip, Hourly Payslip, Per Unit Payslip.

  • PayScale based Payslip: – A pay scale is a system that calculates how much a worker is to be paid as a salary, based on one or more factors together with the worker’s level, rank or status inside the employer’s organization, the period of time that the worker has been employed, and the issue of the specific work performed.
  • Monthly Payslip: – A monthly payroll way that your employees get salary monthly on a date which you specify with inside the employment contract. It helps to generate the payroll of all employee who is working on monthly basis and the payroll generated on fixed date of every month.
  • Weekly Payslip: – With weekly pay checks, employees get a payday each week. A weekly pay period outcomes in fifty-two pay checks in a year. Weekly Payroll is used for the employee who is working on the basis of week days and you want to generate employee’s payslip weekly.
  • Hourly Payslip: – The hourly Payroll makes a decision on the amount to be paid to the worker for each hour worked, either on a set of Projects/Tasks or particular activities. Hourly Payroll is relevant to employees who work on an hourly basis and might be paid only for the hours they’ve worked.
  • Per Unit Payslip: – Per unit payroll is used to generate the payslip for the employee who is working on basis of per unit. And they get their salary according to how much unit of work is completed. For example, in manufacturing companies all employees get salary on the basis of number of products manufactured by them; then their salary is generated according to total number of units they manufacture and the per unit cost which is given to employee. These two factors are used to generate Per Unit Payslip.

Attendance Management Software

One of the best functions in PHP Payroll, Attendance management. with the help of this software, you can manage your employee attendance. Owner can manually impose attendance of employee, import from CSV file, take attendance from biometric device also. Apart from this Employee can impose attendance through their login panel. Owner can view the attendance report department-wise, shift-wise, year-wise and month wise.

Employee Shift Management Software

PHP Payroll is the versatile software with dynamic function. Here owner can manage the shift of their employees. Owner can define the list of shifts from setup section and its assigned accordingly to employees shift. Benefit of assign shift to employee owner can filter employee data easily. Owner can define, shift like this day shift, night shift, evening shift and more.

Employee Payslip Software

Employee Payslip Software enables us to generate professional looking salary slips. This may be very useful during urgent conditions while my teammates would possibly want the income slip urgently. Employees can simply go and download from the Employee Payslip software program quickly. It may be very flexible and helped generate payslip in our format. In case there are any edits needed, the payroll software program lets in us to update the payslip quickly. Payslip is a report which an employee gets from their business enterprise each month. It shows everything from the gross salary to the net take-home pay and deductions. After a business enterprise offers your pay, the salary slip gets sent out every month.
By reviewing your payslip regularly, you may make sure that you’ve got been paid correctly and better recognize your deductions. There is many information covered on a pay stub that will help you and your employee maintain track of bills and deductions. Employee Payslip Software automates the methods and minimizes your efforts. The software program is good for all organizations, be it huge or small.

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