Employee Biometric Attendance Software

Employee Biometric Attendance Software

An employee biometric attendance software system as mentioned before makes use of an employees’ fingerprint to allow clocking in and clocking out of their workplace. Every employee’s fingerprint is first scanned and mapped out based on various coordinates defined within the system.

Biometric Attendance System terminals use an employees’ bio-metrics to record the time in and time out at work and also records access to a certain activity. It is highly accurate and cannot be manipulated when compared to attendance registers that are signed using pen on paper.

The biometric system makes sure that workplace rules and accountability is intact and no loopholes are left behind in calculating the attendance and work hours of employee. With the integration of biometrics in your HR software, businesses can increase the security and accuracy of their employee time.

Employee Management is one business stream that demands the intervention of different kinds of tools in accordance with changing times. With rising changes in workforce patterns, businesses are adopting the latest technologies to assure the presence and performance of employees.

Employee biometric attendance software makes it easy to manage multiple shifts and overtime. Our self-hosted-based biometric attendance management system enables error-free attendance management reducing risks of human errors. It also helps in implementing all local and state employment regulations concerning early leaves, overtime, and other employment regulations.

A dedicated biometric attendance management system becomes a good asset for a business only if it scales with your business. Pocket HRMS supports a good range of company verticals irrespective of their type.

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