Payroll Management Software

Payroll Management

Payroll management is a fully automated end to end web based payslip management software. Our powerful payroll management system professionals have to keep track of minute details while processing payroll. It allows companies to manage payroll in an easy, affordable and effective way. Online payroll management system is a feature-rich software that includes features to calculate taxes and deductions, pay employees, enter vacation and sick time of employees, store employee records, and perform various business functions.

Payroll Management - Create Payslip

To create a payslip for employee go to Payroll -> Create Payslip, and select department, employee, year and month.

Here you can add or delete allowances and deductions by clicking on the add or delete button respectively.

Payroll Management System - Create Payslip

Payroll Management - Payslip List

To view the payslip list of employee go to Payroll -> Payslip List and there you can view, download or delete any payslip.

Payroll Management System - Payslip List
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